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Food Cutter


The multifunctional cutter can deal with a variety of foods, such as garlic, ginger, peanut, and fresh pork. This machine can achieve good cutting result with a rotating speed of 1400 r/m. The time you need depends on the kind of food you deal with.

foodPorkGinger, GarlicChiliPeanutPotato
Cutting time13s35s15s18s15s

The cover is made of toughened glass, and the other parts are all made of stainless steel 201, the  thickness of the body is 1 mm while the bowl is 1.5mm. this product is easy to clean and the electromagnetic induction equipment, the emergency stop switch and the buckles makes the operation safe and secure. The cutter can be divided into 3, 6, 17L In accordance with the volume, it is safe and reliable with large capacity and small volume. This machine has a wide usage and meets the national health standard. It is recommended to use in restaurants, nosheries, delis and canteens.

ModelCapacityVoltageMotor powerSpeed aroundWeightSize
SY-MC4L4L220V 50Hz0.37 KW1440RPM21.5KG370*320*525 MM
SY-MC6L6L220V 50Hz0.55 KW1440RPM22KG510*530*870 MM
SY-MC17L17L220V 50Hz1.2 KW1440RPM30KG750*1130*1300 MM

you can see some pictures of the real products here

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