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Sunrry Family


Sunrry Machinery focus in research, development, production and sales of kitchen equipments, headquartered in the beautiful scenery of Panyu hi-tech park.We already has a certain size and strength through our efforts. now  we have an excellent team with excellent service quality and professional technical strength to provide higher quality service for different groups of users

Consequently, Sunrry Machinery devotes itself to providing easily-operated and humanized kitchen equipment, including Food Preparation Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, Baking Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Stainless Steel Equipment and Food Service Equipment.

We adhere to the principle that quality first customer first, service first, innovation first. And trying our best to ensure our customers can get the best quality service and the best returns with our excellent service quality, professional technical strength and experienced team members

Our goal is to establish showrooms and maintenance stations all over the world. Thus, it can provide much better service to our customers face to face. Not only for business, but also it's our nice wish and expectation. We're determined to work hard for this great goal and improve our products and service continuously according to customers' demands thus to guarantee our customers can get both upscale equipment and five-star service.

Why Choose Us

1. Over ten year‘s Kitchen Equipment Experience

We can communicate with you more smoothly owing to our abundant experience. Professional suggestions on choosing products can be given in virtue of our knowledge of customers.

2. Complete Product Series

Various and complete series of products to guarantee one-stop shopping, which is the most convenient for customers.

3. Free Spare Parts

1% free spare parts will be provided when your order is over a full 20 feet container.

4. Certification

Quality certified brings you the secure kitchens. Our products have gone through such quality certifications as CE, RoHS, LFGB, NSF, SASO, ISO9100, etc.

5. Shipping Policy

Whole set of shipping service will be provided to our customers including customs declaration, insurance and so on.


Our Promise

1. Customized Project Solutions

We will try our best to meet your special requirements. Send us your kitchen project drawing and demands, we will customize it.

2 Within-one-hour Feedback

We will give you feedback within one hour after you contact us.

3. Two-year-long Warranty

Within 1 to 2 years, free spare parts will be provided and we will build overseas showrooms and maintenance departments.

Administration Department

Responsible for: The management and development of human resource; The amendment and supervision of the rules and regulations; General affairs, daily affairs and security

Emily (Supervisor)

It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.

She always works hard and has much patience to constantly improve herself day by day


Research and Development Department

Responsible for: The research, demonstration, engineering and design of the new products; To organize and implement the development of new products and  the improvement of the existing product

Eric (Supervisor)

Find your way through the twists and turns, the important thing is perseverance.

Always guide the employees through the problem. 

Jason (Assistant Supervisor)

Any good business starts from your friend Sunrry who can only give you excellent products

He is ready to help others and has  a good knowledge of the specialty knowledge and digital things.

Sales Department   

Responsible for:  To achieve and follow-up yearly and monthly sales planning; The maintenance of customer relations and the establishment of customer files; The related business work of the contract;

Walter (Supervisor for Department One)

Attitude decides everything, detail makes difference.

Very professional at this area and always give good advices and opinions to others.

Karen (Outstanding Salesman in Department One)

Success comes from cooperation, long-term cooperation depended on quality and attitude. 

Contact me directly!

She is very clear and can always draw inferences about other cases from one instance

Marcus (Supervisor for Department Two)

Hope more restaurants, hotels can use reliable and humanuzed kitchen equipment from SUNRRY. 

Creates an excellent atmosphere for communication. 

Niki (Outstanding Salesman in Department Two) 

Hi, Niki is here. I love Sunrry, the nice family, and we take customers as our gods. Life is fine and enjoyable.

know me, you will not regret it...

She is serious about her everyday work and will answer the question rapidly.  


May (Outstanding Salesman in Department Two)

This is May who love smile and glad to be your friend. I believe that opportunities will always be there for those who are prepared

She is very active and can always find a way to communicate with her customs in her style

QC Department  

Responsible for: The formulation and the inspection of the Quality Standard of the raw materials, products in production, semi-finished products and finished products; To handle the abnormal quality arbitration

Liya (Supervisor)

The road ahead twists and turns, but we should move forward with confidence

She has good personal image and excellent professional skills. She always works with positive attitude,

Documentary Department

Responsible for: To provide the first-class service for customers; To maintain good customer relations and establish a long-term stable relationships with customers; To cooperate with the  after-sales department to investigate and handle customer complaints and returns

Anna (Supervisor)

No pains, no gains. Keep working to make myself better and better.

In addition to being a professional , she is also ingenious and cares much about our life.

Alina (Assistant Supervisor)

You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future. 

She works conscientiously and rigorous, paying much attention on her work.


After-sell service center 

Responsible for: To  sum up the information of  customers; to make follow-up feedback termly on the usage and their requirements;  To work with customers issues and put forward the solution immediately ; The record of the details, causes and the solutions of the existed issues

Aria (Supervisor)

I believe that you can achieve your dream when you achieve everything you can do now. 

She always doing her work with might and main


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